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Check your train speed while you are travelling

Ever wondered how fast your train goes ? You can check it through our tool which is 100% free.

You will only need to turn on your GPS and allow browser to track your location.

Now you will have a question of this tool's accuracy, generally it is not 100% accurate as it is dependent on Browser's GeoLocation API and your Internet speed.



1. To check your train speed You should have a smartphone with both GPS and Internet.

2. Go to for testing train speed.

3. You have to give access to the browser to activate browser's location API.

Train Speed

Train Speed is a very important criteria for an developed or developing country. Generally the trains in developed country moves at a very fast rate then developing or under developed world. China and japan have the most advanced and fastest trains as well as train routes. Fastest train in the world is Maglev train which is in Japan. It can reach a speed of 603 km/hr. So it is very important to have a good train speed for a country and you have to test your train speed throughout your train journey.


Lifetime Free

You can freely utilize this website without the need for any subscription or purchase. It is available for use on any device at no cost.

95% Accuracy

Our website can only provide vehicle speed with 95% Accuracy since it is dependent on browser's Geolocation API. It also depends on your Internet connectivity

Easy To Use

Our tool is very easy to use as you just have to click the start button and allow your location to your browser. Moreover we also have a simple interface.


Our train speed test train tool can detect a speed of a vehicle ranging from 0 km/hr to 500 km/hr.

Attractive Design

Our website is beautiful, attractive, simple and easy to use by any age group. Our tool is made in Next.js and works fine in all browsers.

Multiple Vehicles

This website can not only detect train speed but also other vehicles like bus, car, motorcycle etc. as it works like a speedometer.

Online GPS Speedometer

The GPS Speedometer, additionally referred to as the Global Positioning System Speedometer, is a device that operates based at the governor principle to provide particular velocity measurements. It is broadly recognized for its accuracy in tracking velocity across various automobiles. In modern instances, actually each car international is prepared with a speedometer to gauge velocity.

The Online GPS Speedometer is readily available via the internet. Leveraging your cell device's GPS competencies, it efficiently pinpoints your region even as you're in transit. Our on line speedometer device harnesses this technology to correctly discover the speed of trains. By using GPS era, we will meticulously screen train speeds and offer you with specific measurements.

Our device makes use of online GPS generation, harnessing your device's GPS capability via net connectivity. This allows us to gather precise vicinity data and coordinates, that are then translated into an online speedometer able to appropriately determining educate speeds.


This is a top notch tool that can give upto 90% accuracy on train speed with the use of Browser's Geolocation API whether it is google chrome or brave browser or Microsoft's Bing. This is a very easy to use tool and I highly recommend it to use to measure your train's speed.

Turn on your GPS using this website and give your location access permission to your browser and after that it will start tracking your train's speed.

A train speed test is a very important metric for Engineers and high authority companies relating to railways for maintenance and development. Railway authorities use this tool to ensure passenger safety and enhance overall train performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my train speed ?

You can check train speed through this website.

Is a train speed test accurate ?

No, train speed test is not accurate as it fully depends on GPS signal and your internet connectivity.

Is it legal to do a train speed test ?

Yes you can check your train speed, it is completely safe.

What is the average speed of a train in India ?

The average speed of train in India is just 55 km/s .

How do this train speed tool work ?

This train speed tool access your location from the browser using the Geolocation API and updates when position changes. It watches the user's position and updates the provided callback whenever the position changes and hence the speed is predicted.

List Of High-Speed Railway Lines

CountryContinentMaxSpeed (in km/hr)RailNetwork
ChinaAsia35045000 km
SpainEurope3104327.1 km
FranceEurope3202735 km
GermanyEurope3001630.6 km
JapanAsia3202727 km
ItalyEurope300921 km
United KingdomEurope300113 km
South KoreaAsia305660.9 km
TurkeyEurope/Asia3001211 km
FinlandEurope2201120 km
SwedenEurope205860 km
UzbekistanAsia250741 km
United StatesNorth America240735 km
GreeceEurope200700 km
RussiaEurope250650 km
Saudi ArabiaAsia300449 km
TaiwanAsia300332.1 km
AustriaEurope230254 km
PortugalEurope220227 km
PolandEurope200224 km
BelgiumEurope300209 km
MoroccoAfrica320186 km
SwitzerlandEurope230178 km
IndonesiaAsia350142.3 km
NorwayEurope210139.5 km
NetherlandsEurope30090 km
SerbiaEurope20075 km
DenmarkEurope20056 km
Hong KongAsia20026 km

The Above data is taken from Wikipedia page.