India's railway system is often hailed as the backbone of the nation, weaving through its diverse landscapes and connecting its myriad cities and towns. With an extensive network spanning over 65,808 kilometers and boasting 7,112 stations, the Indian Railways stands as one of the largest railway networks globally. Among its impressive features are some of the longest railway platforms in the world, showcasing the scale and reach of this mammoth transportation system.

Longest Railway platforms in India are - 

1. Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

Gorakhpur Railway Station, nestled in the heart of the city, gained international recognition on October 6, 2013. Following the inauguration of the renovated Gorakhpur Yard, the station claimed the title of the world's longest railway platform. Stretching an impressive 1,366.33 meters (4,483 feet), this platform stands as a testament to India's engineering prowess and the sheer scale of its railway infrastructure.

2. Kollam Junction, Kerala

Kollam Junction railway station stands as one of Kerala's oldest railway hubs, boasting the distinction of having the second longest railway platform in India. Spanning an impressive length of 1,180.5 meters (3,873 feet), this station serves as a vital transit point for passengers and freight alike. Notably, Kollam station is among the pioneering 100 railway stations in India to offer high-speed Wi-Fi services, enhancing connectivity for travelers.

3. Kharagpur Railway Platform, West Bengal

Meanwhile, Kharagpur Junction railway station in West Bengal lays claim to the world's third longest railway platform, measuring 1,072.5 meters (3,519 feet) in length. This historic station holds a prominent position among India's top fifty railway reservations and, until 2013, boasted the title of the world's longest platform.

4. Bilaspur Railway Station, Chhattisgarh

Moving on to Bilaspur Railway Station, situated in Chhattisgarh, it ranks fourth in India and fifth globally in terms of platform length, stretching across 802 meters (2,631 feet). Serving as the headquarters of the South East Central Railway, Bilaspur station plays a pivotal role in the region's transportation network.

5. Jhansi Junction, Uttar Pradesh

Jhansi Junction railway station, located in Uttar Pradesh, emerges as one of the busiest and largest railway stations in the city of Jhansi. With a total length of 770 meters (2,526 feet), this station offers not only transit services but also amenities such as a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms, and tourist information offices, catering to the needs of travelers.

6. Sonepur Railway Station, Bihar

Sonpur Junction railway station, with its 10th longest railway platform in the world, extends over a distance of 738 meters (2,421 feet). Boasting six platforms, Sonpur Junction is set to gain further prominence with the upcoming construction of India's longest road-cum-rail bridge, the Ganga Rail-Road Bridge.

7. Nabadwip Dham Platform, West Bengal

Lastly, Nabadwip Dham Station features one of the longest railway platforms in the country, spanning 720 meters (2,362 feet) in length. Located 105 kilometers from Howrah on the Bandel-Katwa Branch Line, this station serves as a crucial link connecting various states such as Assam, Bihar, Orissa, and Kolkata, contributing significantly to regional connectivity and transportation infrastructure.